When the rest of the business world has moved fast to embrace changes in sales models, some industrial business owners struggle with dated sales models and processes that do not bring as much revenues as they should. This leaves staff working too hard for little in return.  If you are an industrial business owner, there are a few things you can do to improve sales.

Make sales as operations

If you have perfected your manufacturing for efficiency, there is no reason why you should not do the same for sales. As much as each sale is unique, there is no point of making the selling process cumbersome and time wasting. Embracing technology for sales is imperative as more customers shop online than ever.

Go digital

Many business owners are content with placing catalogues online for prospective customers to download as PDF documents. You can a step further and make the whole catalogue interactive. This will make it easier for your customers to find what they are looking for by searching using different filters like price, name, weight etc. The catalogue can be designed to funnel the prospective client to the checkout page after the item has been identified.

Acquiring and using customer intelligence software is also likely to yield insights that will open up opportunities for upselling, cross-selling and link-selling. This will generate more revenue from existing accounts even as you go for new accounts. This kind of software can also be rented as Software as a Service.

Go after new customers

The traditional sales tactic of going after new markets does not always work. Going after specific customers can bring in better results instead. Research your potential customers carefully and contact them in person. The potential customer can then be asked plenty of questions regarding knowledge of the product, and any challenges they face in accessing such kind of product. This approach works better because a sales pitch can then be personalized for that customer which has a higher guarantee of working.

Sales plans for different accounts

It is all too often that the sales department will mix up identifying new accounts, and managing the existent ones. This is more so if there are many small accounts being handled instead of several big accounts. A sales plan for an account would include sales goals to be achieved for that accounts, how to achieve those goals and a timeframe for doing so. It would be easier to start with the big accounts and then working on the smaller ones. The ROI is just greater.