Whether you are a student or a young professional starting out in a new city, looking for a double room to rent is a smart choice. It offers you a chance to meet people and indeed save money on rent.

Looking for a flatshare in major UK cities, nonetheless, comes with a hoard of challenges. This guide of flatshare dos and don’ts, however, is poised to ease the entire process for you.

Don’t Narrow Your Search to a Particular District/Neighbourhood

The idea of sharing a flat with a charming roommate in the bustling city might sound like a fabulous thing, but flatshares here are sometimes sinfully expensive. Expand your hunt to other neighbourhoods beyond the main town. In London, for instance, you’ll find fantastic double rooms to rent beyond Millwall and Camden Town.

Do meet your Flatmate before you decide to move in

Before putting pen on paper, ensure that you have met your future roommate. You don’t want to find out that you hate the person when it is too late. Spend some time together, preferably over drinks. Get to know your flatmate properly; it’ll save you plenty of headaches.

Do View the Room with your Potential Flatmate

It’s also important that the room matches up to your taste and that of your flatmate. Once there, you can gauge and iron out formalities such as contract, rent, and bills. It’s best discussed on-site.

Do Your Research and Plan

When looking for a double rooms to rent, it pays to plan. Start off by listing what you are looking for in a flatshare and a flatmate. This way, you can narrow down your search knowing exactly what you are looking for.

Don’t Forget to Consider How much rent you can afford

Your wages or stipend will certainly determine the kind of double room to rent. Remember that you will need to budget for agent fees and bills so you can know what you will be paying in advance.

Do consider where you’ll spend much of your time

If you’re planning to study, then the ideal location for your flatshare is pretty obvious. But if you don’t have employment, it could be a little tricky. The idea is to widen your flatshare hunt beyond the district where you work. Perhaps you can look at those areas on the same train line. In the end, make sure that the location also makes your commute hassle-less.

Finding the perfect double room to rent can be quite a challenge. With above tips, your search will certainly be easier.