Some of the most important questions to ask 

There is no question as to the benefit of hiring an end of tenancy cleaning service. There is a higher guarantee that you will get your tenancy deposit back as the cleaning job easily passes the landlord’s inspection. It is good to also keep in mind that not all cleaning services are equal. Some can bungle the job badly such that you end up spending more money on the repeat job. With a little research, you can get the best end of tenancy cleaning services for the budget you have. Ask these questions to get a good cleaning service.

  1. Are you direct or sub-contractors?

There are many brokers touting professional cleaning services, brokering the jobs to sub-contractors. There is need to confirm if this is the case. Ideally, you want a direct service company. This is because in case of a dispute, there are only two parties instead of three which complicates issues. Sub-contractor cleaning crews are also paid poorly which does not bode well for your cleaning job and the premises in general.

  1. Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Get clarification on what would happen in case the job does not pass the landlord’s inspection.  Is there a re-cleaning guarantee and what are the terms and conditions of the guarantee? Will the repeat job be done cost free? Will the money be refunded if the cleaning service is not willing to repeat the job? Ask these questions to be safe on money issues in case the landlord disputes the cleaning.

  1. Is the cleaning service licensed and insured?

The best end of tenancy cleaning London services are licensed and insured. Engaging a licensed and insured cleaning service gives you the peace of mind that the assets in the house and the cleaning crew are covered in case of accidents

  1. Who issues instructions?

Many cleaning crews will usually have a checklist of tasks that is ticked off according to the scope of work agreed on. But they will not mind if you are in the house anyway.

  1. How is the billing done and is there a deposit requirement?

Some unscrupulous cleaning services will charge by the hour. Keeping in mind that end of tenancy cleaning jobs differ in scope and can take up to 6 hours or more, this is not an option you should agree to.

  1. What are your off-limit tasks?

Different cleaning services have different tasks that they consider dangerous or out of their capabilities. Ask about these off-limits tasks so as to avoid a dispute over the scope of work.