Industrial businesses rarely make an effort to do serious online marketing but this makes them miss out on numerous opportunities to expand. By maintaining an online presence, an industrial business can build its brand, expand markets and move more products. There are several ways to use social media to supplement conventional marketing tactics.

Doing product training on a Youtube channel

Many people will simply prefer to watch video over reading a text manual. Youtube gets over 1 billion searches per day. An industrial business can tell the story behind its brand as well as put out video content that piques interest in its products. Training on products promotes brand loyalty as customers can make the most out of the product.

Brand promotion on Facebook

Facebook offers a huge audience for brand promotion content. The good thing is that Facebook is versatile enough for different content including graphs, video, flyers, and other types of promotion material. With viral content, the possibilities of brand exposure are vast.

Create a profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is more of a professional social media network which presents a good opportunity for B2B connections for an industrial business. Creating a LinkedIn profile will allow potential customers to see what the brand is all about including the employees who work in it.  Engaging in discussions and posting professional content on different industry topics increases brand visibility and trustworthiness.

LinkedIn also provides a good platform to collaborate and source contractors. This is especially useful if an industrial business needs short-term contractors, for example, electrical engineers to set up a new plant.

Customer feedback on Twitter

A Twitter handle enables an industrial business to engage in conversations around its products and other topics. This could be very useful during product development where the business can get customer feedback that would be very helpful in perfecting the product. This could be easily using social media monitoring tools to monitor conversations in which the company and its products are mentioned.

Drive traffic to the website

Companies that have a social media presence see higher traffic to their website as social media visitors can easily follow content with links in it. Social media is very good for promotion content where customers can learn of new offers, discounts, and coupons and so on.

An active social media presence is useful for lead generation. Social media visitors can easily flow down the sales funnel, from social media to landing page to checkout. This will merge very well with other marketing efforts.