There are many legends and folk-tales of billionaires who barely went to school and yet went on to make empires. How do they do it?

Apart from being lucky at times these people have acquired and perfected certain set of skills. If you are a small business owner looking to grow your business, these skills are vital for a rapid growth of your business.

Organization skills

These skills will help you know what goes where, who does what and at what time. This skill helps you develop priority lists, time plans and work schedules. These are tools that help increase your efficiency in business operations. Being organized is even more crucial for a small business as all tasks and operations are performed by a small number of people meaning that disorganization has a huge negative impact on the business. This skill can be empowered by the use of hundreds of organization tools on the web.

Time management

Having good time management skills ensures that everything get done on time without rushing or skipping over other tasks. One way of becoming better at time management is by planning the time available in blocs with specific tasks to be completed by the lapse of specific time blocs. Another way of improving efficiency is by grouping like tasks together. This makes it easier to work on them using the same base of thought. There are plenty of free time management tools you can download to help you.

Problem solving skills

You will be faced with challenges from time to time in your business. You will encounter lack of funds, customer complaints, loss of a vital employee and so on. Problem solving skills help you react to these challenges in time before they have significant negative impact on the business.

Communication skills

Getting your message across and getting what others are saying in return is very crucial in a small business. Communication extends beyond the spoken word. Good communication skills are very crucial in passing a meaningful marketing message and growing your brand.

Good communication skills will help bring your team on board and pull in the same direction for better results. You will also need these skills to understand what the market needs and how to improve your product/service.


Being innovative is what keeps your business ahead of the competition. It is the skill that will help you identify better products/services to serve your customers better in a fast-changing business environment. You become innovative by analyzing the gap between what is on the market and what the customers need, and how to link the two.